Thursday, June 11, 2020


Hey there, folks! I know that it's been a VERY long time since I last posted anything, but I'm trying to get back into blogging, and believe me when I say that I have a few treats in store for all of you. Anyways, I am putting together a little something called When Monsters Attack. This will be a book chronicling monster attacks throughout history, as well as stories from fellow monster hunters and cryptozoologists. I'd also like to hear from YOU, my readers. Do you have any stories of being hunted, chased, and even harmed by an unknown beast or creature? Then PLEASE send it my way. I've already gotten started on it, but I need more stories from credible sources. Please don't hesitate to email me! Thank you for staying with me and still reading through my past work!

Thursday, July 25, 2019

R.I.P. Rosemary Ellen Guiley: Queen of the Paranormal (1950-2019)

To all of my readers and friends...I am very sorry to say that my dear friend and colleague, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, has passed on from this plane of existence. Rosemary was the author of nearly sixty-five books on monsters, ghosts, demons and demonology, djinn (genies), Sasquatch, magic (both benign and malevolent), witchcraft, lycanthropy, and vampirism among other things, and she was one of my favorite authors in the paranormal field. I always looked forward to her new books, and I would pre-order them from Amazon if I had the chance and my finances permitted. Not only was she an author, but she was a researcher, investigator, lecturer, and even ran her own publishing company called Visionary Living, Inc. She was an expert in a wide variety of supernatural, paranormal, metaphysical, and monstrous subjects, and was frequently asked to contribute to books, newsletters, and she was most often interviewed on podcasts and radio shows. She would always be present at the annual Mothman Festival in Point Pleasant, West Virginia to lecture on the creature. The observant reader will notice that a great many of her books are cited in my work, as she was never one to shy away from the gory details and always gave every little detail that she could into her work. Rosemary was always so kind and very generous to me, readily offering her help and her professional opinion when I needed it. She even sent me a couple of books to review for her, free of charge. I am proud to have known her and to have called her my friend, even if we never had a chance to meet face to face (although I wish I could have). I wish that I had foresight and could've talked to her one last time, if only to tell her that I love her and that I'm happy to have known her for so many years. I just pray that she is at peace and that she finally knows the truth about all of the mysteries and monsters that she had pursued so passionately in her lifetime. Rest in Peace, Rosemary. You will be dearly missed, my old friend.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

I'm still here...

Hey, everyone. I apologize for not making any posts for so long. I've been dealing with a severe bout of depression, and I've been focusing on collecting and using antique tools for traditional woodworking and metalworking. I have a project that I've been working on that's nearly complete, and I haven't felt like going out and actually getting on a computer. Writing is hard work, to say the least. I'll be posting again soon, perhaps with a book review. Please let me know what you'd like to see! And donations to my Patreon account would be VERY much appreciated! Thank You!


Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Hey, folks. Yes, I'm still alive. I apologize for not having posted anything for so long. I've been battling a severe bout of depression lately, and I recently found out that I'm pre-diabetic. So many things have gone wrong in my life lately, and nothing good ever seems to happen to me anymore. I'm WAY behind on my book reviews, and I suspect that some people are getting impatient. But I'll be working on a book review today, and I'll TRY to have it posted by Thursday afternoon. That's a promise.

On the other hand, I'm looking for REAL-LIFE SUPERNATURAL HORROR STORIES!! If you've had encounters with the Wendigo, Sasquatch, werewolves, vampires, the Dogman, or ANYTHING that I've posted about in the last seven years, please shoot me an email! I'd LOVE to post about it on this blog! I haven't gotten any emails from my readers here lately, and I miss hearing from you guys. Even if it's just to say "Hello!" or "I love your blog!", it would be very much appreciated. Please support me on Patreon! Every little bit helps! THANK YOU!!!

Your Friend,

Kyle Van Helsing

Thursday, August 24, 2017


Remember when I asked for donations? Well, now you CAN donate!! If you want to see more detailed blog entries and an eventual book published, please donate to my cause!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Hey, guys! Although I have received some emails regarding encounters with the Wendigo, I need MORE for my blog entry revision. Also, ANY encounters with monsters are welcome at any time. Don't be afraid to send me an email! Rest assured, I will NOT call you crazy, insane, or say that you were hallucinating and such. I am very open-minded, and I am willing to help you if I can. Stories and encounters of skinwalkers, the Rake, haunted dolls (especially Robert the Doll), Sasquatch, the aforementioned Wendigo, werewolves, dogmen, vampires, and all sorts of monsters are all welcome. But NO UFOS! Please don't hesitate to send me an account if you feel like you're in imminent danger or that your life is being threatened! Keep in mind that I can only get online two or three times a week, but if you send me your encounters, I'll respond to you as soon as I possibly can! Also, I am looking to start posting encounters as blog entries for others to read. This will serve to entertain, educate, and scare the literal CRAP out of my readers. Looking to do at least one encounter story a week. As such, I will be expecting you guys to send me, at the very least, one encounter or story in a week. Most professional monster hunters and cryptozoologists get emails regarding such things on a daily basis, and I would like that to happen for me as well. If you could humor me, I would very much appreciate it. As always, thank you for your support! I will be posting again before the end of the month, and it'll be well-worth waiting for!

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Book Review: The Monster Book (Nick Redfern, 2017)

A few months ago, I received a book from Visible Ink Press for review, courtesy of my good buddy Nick Redfern. This particular book is entitled The Monster Book: Creatures, Beasts and Fiends of Nature (Visible Ink Press, 2017). Make no mistake: this is an encyclopedia of monsters and nightmarish beasts. I'm always on the lookout for new monsters to write and blog about, and Nick's book will undoubtedly provide some inspiration. But for now, let's move on to the review. But beware: nightmarish creatures from all over the world lurk within!

The Monster Book is an encyclopedia of all things of a monstrous and horrifying nature, and it contains nearly two hundred entries covering all kinds of frightening beasts. The books is divided into ten sections, each of which focuses on one or more different types of monsters. Such creatures include (but aren't limited to) anomalous big cats, werewolves, phantom black dogs, lake and sea monsters, vampires, hairy hominids, shapeshifters, urban legends, lizard men, flying beasts, and dragons, among other things. Each section is written in A-Z format for convenience's sake. Some of my favorite entries in the book include Beast of Bray Road, Cemetery Wolf-Man, Hexham Heads (the full story of which can be read in this blog's entry on Phantom Werewolves), Giant Beaver, London's Bear-Monster, Man-Eating Plants, Basilisk, Giant Salamander, Lambton Worm, Loveland Frog, Megalania Prisca, Mongolian Death Worm, Thetis Lake Man-Reptile, Bunyip, Bloop, Kraken, Loch Ness Monster, Mokele-Mbembe, Oklahoma Octopus, Big Grey Man of Ben MacDhui, Bigfoot, Man-Monkey of the Shropshire Union Canal, Skunk Ape, Wendigo, Aswang, Batsquatch, Donkey Woman, Lizard Man, Mapinguari, Monster of Glamis (a fascinating subject, which I may very well do a blog entry on one of these days), Reptile Man, Slenderman, Chile Monster, Dragon, Flying Woman of Vietnam, Houston Batman, Mothman, Gwrach Y Rhibyn (another blog entry of mine, which can be read here), and many, many others. At four hundred and sixteen pages long, that is a lot of monsters!

Overall, The Monster Book is well-written, thought-provoking, neatly organized, and more than a little spooky. The book has both an index for finding information quickly and a bibliography that's just over seven pages long. Although this encyclopedia doesn't list every single monster in the world (which would be a huge undertaking, to be sure), that doesn't detract from this tome's value as a great all-around reference book. I heartily recommend this book to all of my friends and this blog's readers. The book can be ordered from either Amazon or from Visible Ink Press here. And now, I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank both Nick Redfern and Visible Ink Press. My sincerest thanks go to Nick for his friendship and his kindness, and to Visible Ink Press for kindly sending me this book, free of charge, for review. Thank you so much to both of you, and I am greatly looking forward to your next books, Nick!!!