Saturday, June 9, 2012

Slenderman: From Fiction to Fact, by Rev. Robin Swope

Undoubtedly, many of you have heard of the Slenderman. This entity is alleged to be fictional, created on June 10th, 2009 by "Victor Surge" on the "Something Awful" forum for a contest. This creation took the Internet and the paranormal community by storm, but it's just a character from someone's imagination, right? That's how it should be. The Slenderman is a tulpalike entity (a tulpa is a psychic entity created entirely and made corporeal by the mind) that stalks children and adults alike from the shadows, and once he sets his sights on you, he will not rest until you lie dead at his feet. The Slenderman is an unrelenting force of evil. He is said to be dressed in a black suit, and is reported to be taller than any human should be. His arms are said to be unnaturally long, and some say that he creates multiple tentacles of darkness from his body that are able to extend to incredible lengths, entrapping his victims in a deadly embrace. But what is even stranger is that people are having actual encounters with this dark entity. In his new book, Robin Swope (known across the supernatural world as the Paranormal Pastor) delves into this alleged urban legend, exploring the origins, history, and the growth of the Slenderman legend in the past three years. He reveals historical archetypes and points to clues that the Slenderman may actually be all too real. I have had prior correspondence with the Pastor, and he asked me to promote his new book on this blog. The Reverend may be contacted at this blog: The Paranormal Pastor.

The book itself was released on June 1st of this year, and may be found on Amazon: Slenderman: From Fiction to Fact. I've not yet read this book myself, but I recently ordered and received a copy from Amazon!  I have not had much time lately to read it, but guaranteed that, once I do, I will be reviewing it on this blog. And what's even better? It only cost me $10.00. Fairly sure that's still the current price.


  1. Very interesting. I did not realize the slenderman myth went so deep.

  2. The scary thing about Slenderman is the fact that everyone knows him now. He only attacks people that know of him...

    So making him the word of the world has essentially brought a lot of people to a life of misery.

    1. You're right, Kira. A tulpa is a very dangerous entity, a projection of a person's imagination given corporeal life through the use of magic or psychic ability.

    2. I believe slenderman is no longerTulpa as the psych energy put into it by the mental energy put into it through the internet has made it too late for that imagine thoousands feeding energy to this creature has given it full manefestation, and allowed it to become an actual entity.
      i noticed most reports come form the United States are there reports from any aother country.

  3. No anybody knows him do not get killed by slender it`s ..... when u look at u then u can`t sleep go outside not even the bathroom because u know he watches u and sometimes u feel like dying and give u these awful things about killing your self and u walk alone when u go some where like the woods u end up in woods some how and then u here a scream because he got u and killed u after he had fun watching u :( janisha alexander age 13

  4. I wonder if Slenderman is related to Shadow People in any way.