Friday, May 17, 2013

Monster Sightings?

Have you seen a monster? Have you experienced strange phenomena or seen a ghost? Would you like to get your story out there without embarassing yourself? If so, please contact me at What did the creature look like, and did it interact with you in a potentially harmful manner? Please give me details on the appearance, the location, the behavior (if any could be observed). You may also send me any strange photos or pictures that you've taken (as long as they're spam and virus-free). With your permission, I'll make your story or encounter the next entry on my blog and add my own thoughts at the end. If you would prefer to remain anonymous, I will omit your real name and come up with something else. We'll work something out. However, be aware that I only accept stories about monsters, encounters with mysterious creatures, or experiences with ghosts and hauntings. I do not deal with "alien abductions" or anything of that nature. No hoaxes or fictional stories, either. All manner of monsters, cryptids, entities, demons, and weird creatures are acceptable. But I may not get back to you right away. However, when I do, it is considered to be courteous to respond to my email. I await your emails with anticipation.

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