Saturday, June 18, 2011

Djinn (Genies)

The Djinn is a powerful demon from Arabic legend, created by God from smokeless fire. This is the same being from whence the Western wish-granting Genie is derived. These spirits were created before humans, so it is really no surprise that the Djinn feel extremely resentful of the earth's usurpation by mankind. Usually invisible, the Djinn are powerful shapeshifters that are able to change into and manifest themselves multitude of forms. Each individual Djinn is different, and they vary greatly in terms of both power and temperament.

The Djinn are spirits of darkness, and are primarily nocturnal (sleeping during the day and venturing forth by night), haunting cemeteries, ancient ruins, and crossroads. However, some may be found in the vicinity of slaughterhouses, as the Djinn find fresh blood to be very appealing.

The Djinn is known to inhabit the thresholds of houses, and may strike out at those who disturb their rest. The attack causes disease, stroke, or paralysis. These ailments resist medical treatment, and usually only magic or shamanic healing is used. They desire and love heat, preferring to live in arid deserts for that very same reason. Not surprisingly, the Djinn despise the cold.

The Djinn, like most spirits, hate salt, but the spirit also fears iron and steel. The Djinn dislikes noisy and crowded places (although, on the contradictory other hand, the Djinn is a curious sort of spirit and will often take part in fairs, festivals, and other social events). Lastly, the Djinn enjoy telling stories, and can be lured out of hiding or pacified by exciting tales of suspense. However, despite their reputations, the Djinn have a code of honor, and even the most temperamental of these spirits will honor a promise or a vow. These spirits appreciate respectful behavior and will return any favors done for them.


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  1. would one not expect to find a Djinn in any place with a temperate climate? Also, since I assume that Djinn do not indeed grant wishes, what is the correlation then between them and the idea of Genies.

  2. I'm not really sure. You might want to check out Rosemary Ellen Guiley's recent book on the Djinn and her website. I'm still researching the subject myself. I just wrote this while I was trying to make up a list of some of the more commonly-known types of demons.

  3. The djinn are subtle enrgy-beings that the God of Abraham created before humans out of smokeless flame (plasma?).The djinn are generally shy and subtle creatures-The word “jinn” is etymologically derived from a word meaning “to hide” or “to be hidden.” It denotes a creature made of fire that possesses both a body and a soul. The jinn are held legally accountable before God and can choose to believe or disbelieve.Some people’s understanding of the jinn is full of hyperbole and fantastic stories, while others reject their existence all together—repudiating even true accounts of jinn such as disembodied voices,possession etc.The Qur`an and ahadith describe jinn as powerful creatures. For example, in Surat al-Naml (27), Verse 39, the Qur`an recounts the story of an ‘ifrit (one kind of jinn) who claimed to be able to bring the throne of Bilqis (Queen of Sheba) to the prophet Solomon “quicker than you can stand up.” However another jinn brought him the throne of the visiting Quen of "sheba" quicker that the blinking of an eye.Just like human beings, jinn possess a body and spirit and are conscious and have free will. Some are male and others female. They reproduce and are legally accountable to Allah/YHVH. They are born and they die. They can choose to believe or disbelieve in God.Unlike in the stories though ,they do not have an infinite wish-granting capacity like God.Though Jinn also have certain such powers. For instance, they can perform feats with incredible speed. Though their power of intellect is weak, they are able to move heavy objects with great speed- such as a car from halfway around the world.They can gather information and knowledge were quickly and stealthily and can indeed locate any desired object.Most djinn that appear to humans tend to be liars.Infact almost everything one would hear from a jinn during contact would be lies possibly due to evil jinns normally contacting humans.According to legend In the beginning ,before the creation of man ,there was djinn and Angels.When God made Adam and ordered his angels and a particular djinn called 'Iblis' to bow down to Adam,Iblis refused out of pride- thinking that he is a greater creation that Adam.He vowed to lead humans astray for the path of God and towards evil and destruction.God had cast him out of paradise but also granted him a wish for immortality.Thus the immortal Iblis - now 'THE' Satan - has been waging spiritual warfare on all mankind from time immemorial.He has assembed an army of his followers and children and rallied them against us.Whenever a child is born ,satan assigns one of his jinn to act as the child's eternal companion-always leading him to evil.The djinn have the power to whisper into the hearts of men - this means that they can subliminally influence our thoughts and thereby actions.The jinn tend to live instine the person's stomach feeding off the persons aura/qi.It can see what it's host sees and hears all that the host hears and more.They generally live longer than humans.All experts in the field of spirits and sorcery say that whatever is summonned up is generally a lying spirit-an impostor and according to some views is not really the soul of the deceased at all .It is in fact the djinn of the deceased person playing the part.In both Jewish and Islamic lore ,King solomon had the ability to fully control djinn.Some say that this was done through a magic ring.The djinn would grant him wishes.Nowadays ,some people have contracts with djinns where they flatter ,worship and offer sacrifices to the djinn to please them.The jinn will then grant them a contract after which he may grant some wishes of the sorceror.This is the link between wish-granting and djinn.