Friday, January 4, 2013

Recent Amazon Purchases

For Christmas, I received over $225 worth of Amazon giftcards (well, I used cash that I had received to get another $30 set of giftcards). With it, I bought a total of seventeen books. Most of them have came, but four that I ordered were used or out of print. Two of those I won't get until the end of January to the middle of February, and I should have the other two within a couple of weeks (I hope). Here is a list of what I ordered, starting with what I've received thus far.

Haunted Indiana: Ghosts and Strange Phenomena of the Hoosier State (James A. Willis)
Monster Diary: On the Road in Search of Strange and Sinister Creatures (Nick Redfern)
Wildman! The Monstrous and Mysterious Saga of the "British Bigfoot" (Nick Redfern)
The Beginner's Guide to the Long Sword: European Martial Arts Weaponry Techniques (Steaphen Fick)
Food for the Dead: On the Trail of New England's Vampires (Second Edition, Michael E. Bell)
Mexican Bestiary: Bestiario Mexicano (David Bowles and Noe Vela)
Shock! The Black Dog of Bungay (David Waldron and Christopher Reeve)
The Banshee (Elliot O'Donnell)
Spirits, Fairies, Leprechauns, and Goblins: An Encyclopedia (Carol Rose)
The Haunting of America: Ghosts & Legends of America's Haunted Past (Troy Taylor)
Not of This World: Creatures of the Supernatural in Scotland (Maurice Fleming)
Ghosts: An Exploration of the Spirit World, from Apparitions to Haunted Places (Paul Roland)
Medieval Swordsmanship: Illustrated Methods and Techniques (John Clements)

And here are the items that are on their way, but I haven't received yet.

The Element Encyclopedia of Vampires: An A-Z of the Undead (Theresa Cheung)
The Big Grey Man of Ben MacDhui (Affleck Grey)
A Dictionary of Vampires (Peter Haining)
Chambers Ghosts and Spirits

I am happy to announce that I have received all four of these titles. And there you have it, folks. Most of these books are about or related to monsters, cryptozoology, the Undead, Vampires, ghosts, etc. I have been wanting most (if not all) of these for a very long time. I hope that I've inspired you to consider investing your money in Amazon. You won't regret it, I promise you.


  1. They sound pretty interesting. I was cleaning and dusting my book case the other day and I saw how many books I have on ghosts in Chicago. It was kind of neat.

  2. Chicago is one of the most haunted cities in the United States, Laura. I'm not really surprised that there are a ton of books about the ghosts that haunt the Windy City.