Tuesday, January 1, 2013


The Redcap is a type of evil, murderous goblin or faery found along the border between England and Scotland. Also known as a powrie, dunter, fir larrig, or bloodycap, this creature is said to look like a short, muscular man with glowing red eyes, fingers tipped with talons sharper than an eagle's, and a mouthful of large, pointed teeth. Despite its size, the Redcap has unnatural strength and can easily overpower a grown man. It wears iron-shod boots and carries a heavy pikestaff or a scythe, neither of which slow the creature down at all. The Redcap is said to move very quickly, and outrunning one of these monsters is said to be impossible. Legend says that the Redcap constantly makes a very distinctive sound, like flax being beaten. When this sound becomes especially loud, it is viewed by local people as being a portent of death or misfortune to come.

The Redcap is known to move from place to place at a moment's notice, but can most often be found inhabiting ruined castles, waiting for potential victims to pass by. Those who trespass into their homes are slaughtered by being pushed off of the castle ramparts, having boulders rolled onto them from the top of a cliff, or are just savagely murdered with the goblin's own claws and teeth (or its pikestaff). Once the unfortunate victim is dead, the Redcap then dips its cap into the flowing blood, dyeing it red (which is where this creature gets its name). If the blood ever dries out, the Redcap will die. Therefore, it must kill regularly in order to survive. The only way that one may escape from the Redcap is to recite a passage from the Holy Bible, which causes the faery intense pain and will force it to flee. Brandishing a crucifix at the creature will also cause it intense pain and make it run away. It may also be warded off or even harmed by cold-forged iron (a weakness shared by most faery species).


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